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Enan Darksky
PostPosted: 2011/12/08 9:59 am    Post subject:

Racorbis wrote:
Might be a little late to this meeting. My friend asked for a ride to the airport and is willing to pay soooo...60$ would pay for SWTOR pretty much

Mustache ride?
PostPosted: 2011/12/07 8:34 pm    Post subject:

Might be a little late to this meeting. My friend asked for a ride to the airport and is willing to pay soooo...60$ would pay for SWTOR pretty much
PostPosted: 2011/12/07 10:18 am    Post subject:

Misaligned wrote:
I'll be the guy farting into his microphone.

Then you'll have a poo microphone in your face.
PostPosted: 2011/12/06 9:55 am    Post subject:

I want to apologize but I will be covering someone shift at work so will be unable to attend the meeting tomorrow (12/7). Gonna do my best to attend the PVP meeting and the right before launch meeting. Also I've setup to have the 16th-19th off work (woo hoo) to play, help anyone out in game who needs it and generally just level up and have a blastie blast.
PostPosted: 2011/12/05 12:34 pm    Post subject:

I can make all the meetings except the one on Thursday, I have class on that night.
PostPosted: 2011/12/05 12:27 pm    Post subject:

I will not be able to make this comming Wed (7th) due to working a 12 hour shift and will not be home until 1:00am (Thurs). Should be able to make the rest tho.
PostPosted: 2011/12/04 4:51 pm    Post subject:

I can make the monday meeting but don't think I can make the others due to work. I can jump on after work though if I don't get home to late.
Furion Darkfury
PostPosted: 2011/12/04 3:44 am    Post subject:

I'll try and make it for this meeting, missed the other 2.
PostPosted: 2011/12/03 4:08 pm    Post subject:

I get off work at 8pst, but will log when I get home.
PostPosted: 2011/12/02 12:40 pm    Post subject:

Axolia wrote:
Quick question... will all guild related activities be based on PST time?

Us East coast people can suffer together EST Emos z

Worth it though!

I'll be there for all as well with info/updates
PostPosted: 2011/12/01 10:06 pm    Post subject: Meetings

I love the organization in this guild! I will do my best to attend all the meetings barring work constraints. I drive a 18 Wheeler doing Walmart dedicated stuff and i work long days right now being close to Christmas. 8pm works great since i am usally home before then so I should be able to make them.

PostPosted: 2011/12/01 7:23 pm    Post subject:

I'll show up to these, but I'll be watching pron so holler at me to get my attention@!
PostPosted: 2011/12/01 6:18 pm    Post subject:

Forgot I will be out of town the 11th-14th. Will miss the one on the 12th but should make it back in time for the one on the 14th.
PostPosted: 2011/12/01 4:14 pm    Post subject:

With the amount of players we got going right now, I'm sure there's gonna be events most any day of the week.. So say you missed one on Wednesday, you could get in another on another day or time.
PostPosted: 2011/12/01 3:56 pm    Post subject:

=Outlaw= wrote:
Sarlos wants to start everything at 8pm PST....But 7pm PST for other groups and events is likely. World PVP stuff will start early on and roll through the entire night. We just have to put up with all this west coast faggitry.

Blah that makes weekday PvE events dicey for me during the week as I'm EST and work full-time. Fuck being an adult.
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