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PostPosted: 2011/12/16 1:49 pm    Post subject:

i am sorry master i have misused to powers of the dark side but the force is strong in me and the rainbows. ♥
PostPosted: 2011/12/16 11:21 am    Post subject:

Ok I just have to say this now...

WTF!? Dude are you a little girl with the rainbow bright shit or what? I vote gkick now so he can go back to the Republic where he belongs. It would be fun to watch our pvp'ers Khadafi his ass repeatedly. Come on you know you all were thinking it too...
PostPosted: 2011/12/15 4:04 pm    Post subject:

CAREFULL all that posts against the salvation army will be damned to a life of hellish suffering. AND IF we complain we wont get any more sexy advertisements. oh wait nvm that's peta ( BUT STILL ya'll be careful before some racially confused man in the sky does the holy thing and damns you to eternal suffering and pain. shit gets real.

And please keep on trolling babes!
PostPosted: 2011/12/15 3:50 pm    Post subject:

Similar situation.
PostPosted: 2011/12/15 3:09 pm    Post subject:

The sad thing is WE the people pay for their bull shit. The truth of the matter is I like chopping heads off in a game as well - It is a good release after a hard day. Just think how many people sastisfy their urge for violence playing violent games. What would happen if they were suddenly denied that simple "pleasure". /shudder
PostPosted: 2011/12/03 6:53 pm    Post subject:

Yup, this is why we're raising a generation of wusses. Because there are people out there in the world who think they're looking out for us by attempting to censor expressions of art. I know for a fact that my Marines play violent video games on a daily basis and still haven't committed any "war crimes" or "atrocities." Crap like this make my blood pressure rise.
PostPosted: 2011/12/02 12:51 pm    Post subject:

Also movies display staged events showing carnage and bloodshed why not go after them either?
PostPosted: 2011/12/02 11:08 am    Post subject:

they did this to comics way back,big congressional meetings..."you're destroying america's children with your violence". nearly killed the industry. Been expecting it for games for a long time. hope you like playing barnie the dinosaur games.
PostPosted: 2011/12/02 10:09 am    Post subject:

Thanks for the compliment! I made the picture and Ritalin Rick made the rest, he does great work, you can make requests to him here:

And yes its a total first amendment issue but even more important its such a waste of time for a world organization that helps REAL people like that to waste their time on sad...
PostPosted: 2011/12/02 9:45 am    Post subject:

First off i would like to say love the fucking sig, where did you get something like that? Second this is some bullshit. If i want to chop some dudes head off in a game i should be able to do it...I dont buy games to not cut of dudes heads. Third, they are going to have a feel day with all the first amendment stuff. If they cant stop stuff like A Serbian movie from being produced i really doubt anything will stop something that isnt even remotely true. If anyone has not seen A Serbian Movie, then i recommended seeing it, also that it might make you want to kill yourself after watching it. If you thought The Human Centipede was going to far then you will not want to watch this because it goes as far as you can in a movie, most disturbing movie ever created, and i watched 3 guys 1 hammer. Sorry to get off topic.
PostPosted: 2011/12/02 9:35 am    Post subject: Holy Fuck the World is Insane!

It called your isn't real you idiots...god damn what a waste of time and resources...

"War Crimes in Video Games Draw Red Cross Scrutiny

One of the world's largest and most respected humanitarian groups in the world is investigating whether the Geneva and Hague conventions should be applied to the fictional recreation of war in video games.

If they agree those standards should be applied, the International Committee of the Red Cross says they may ask developers to adhere to the rules themselves or "encourage" governments to adopt laws to regulate the video game industry.

The International Committee of the Red Cross is mandated under the Geneva Conventions to protect the victims of international and internal armed conflicts. That includes war wounded, prisoners, refugees, civilians, and other non-combatants. The question they debated this week is whether their mandate should be extended to the virtual victims of video game wars."
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