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PostPosted: 2011/12/21 5:44 pm    Post subject:

I'm one of those people that surfs the dev posts and saw several posts explaining why the server caps are necessary and that they continue to raise them as see fit. They are also working on the ability to transfer servers and will continue to monitor the situation to see which servers may need to have this offered when it becomes available.

Now that the game is live, we can only hope that those not in one of the many guilds established on Swiftsure (SS) will be deterred by the wait time listed next to the server.

The #1 thing we do not want Bioware to do is (and I hate making this reference) copying Blizzard and opening 100 servers and in the aftermath, only have 10 servers worth a shit while the rest are low pop.
PostPosted: 2011/12/19 3:55 pm    Post subject:

You and me both Happa

Another issue with the queue is if you get booted out of game due to lag or crash issues, then you are pretty much f'd for the night as we have already seen.

This could make the first couple raids quite frustrating, but is where our experienced leadership will really shine over some of the little wannabe's out there.

One of my kiddos was frustrated over a 4+ hour queue on Friday and threatened to jump servers (Iam sure we have all been tempted). I explained that this will be the norm for awhile across the board but the difference is this guild is worth the wait!
PostPosted: 2011/12/19 1:50 pm    Post subject:

I don't expect to be able to play this entire week after work due to queue times. We shall see...
PostPosted: 2011/12/19 1:08 pm    Post subject:

Queue times do suck. I was in a 6 hour queue on Friday and a 2 hour queue last night. But this won't be the case within the next 7-14 days. MMO companies as a whole have used artificially low caps on servers and queues to help spread the population out to other servers.

Server Queues have been a problem in pretty much every MMO to date. Look at EQ2, WoW, and Rift just to name a few. The launch of each of those games came with server queues that were cleaned up within a couple of weeks of launch and then had minimal to no queues at all.

Part of the solution was the low caps that were put in place to send people to other spots, and the other part was the company actually approaching the big guilds and offering to move them for free if the cap solution didn't work as planned. Either way, everything was fixed soon after launch. With Launch being tomorrow, I say give it to the first week or second week of 2012 (due to the holidays) and everything will be sorted out.
PostPosted: 2011/12/19 12:50 pm    Post subject: SWTOR Que times Rant!

I dont want to sound like a whiner but good god man this is ridiculous! If I wanted to wait in line for 2 hours I would go to Disneyland. The que was at 1790 people...Really????

Apparently there are similar problems across the board with the European servers as well. Bioware has chosen a "a few good men" or guilds rather to suck it up and be part of their stress tests on these servers. I think the alliance is a great idea but not if it means we are taking it in the ass for it. The thread in the SWTOR forums responding to the issue is now locked. I read response after response that said, "pls transfer our guild", and "If we cant que in to our Bioware designated server pls offer a free transfer", so its not just our server. Once again, it seems the chosen few are getting the short end of the stick here.

I would hope that they lock the currently open servers before launch and open up a new batch for the incoming wave. That way at least we dont see a new wave of traffic. If not, there are going to be a lot of grumpy ass star wars fans around here.

May the que times be with you!
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