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PostPosted: 2012/02/17 5:19 pm    Post subject:

That sounds killer and puke inducing

All variations of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are becoming very popular since new research is showing that its more effective for weight loss (compared to long aerobic workouts) and for less amount of time spent. It doesn't matter what age you are, but its effects are actually more dramatic the older you are. Its helps the body produce insane amounts of human growth hormone, which acts as a heat seeking missile against fat and builds muscle.

I started incorporating "sprint-8" into my workout routine which is basically a HIIT workout involving sprints (short bursts of high intensity, with 1 minute or so rest in between). I've really like the results so far. Not only am I getting faster, but even my strength training has been improving... dramatically. Im benching more than ever, and I've hardly been training on it.
PostPosted: 2012/02/17 4:19 pm    Post subject: Completely destroyed - Tabata workouts

My buddy and I are going for our martial arts instructor tabs in a couple of months, so we've started to try to veer away from traditional long aerobic workouts. The one we did today was very versatile because it requires little to no equipment, and you can use whatever exercises you can think of.

Dynamic warm-up exercises, followed by:

8 sets per exercise
20 seconds of work per set
10 seconds of rest between sets
1 minute rest between exercises

Full extension sit-ups
Kipping pull ups

Only a total of 10 minutes and 40 seconds of actual work, but this completely destroyed me. Couldn't believe that this is considered only a warm-up drill in certain communities. Definitely seems the way to go for those who want to cut weight while investing a minimal amount of time.
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