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PostPosted: 2012/04/10 4:30 pm    Post subject:

Oh snap, does this mean I should be logging onto my 50?

Scratch that, with my new powers, I will hereby take over the lowbie PvP bracket!! Thus molding and training the n00bs into die hard PvPers.

PostPosted: 2012/03/30 9:04 pm    Post subject:

Oh Gratz!
PostPosted: 2012/03/30 11:13 am    Post subject:

Enan Darksky
PostPosted: 2012/03/30 10:26 am    Post subject:

So erm whats the "initiation"? ^_~
PostPosted: 2012/03/30 10:07 am    Post subject:

GRATZ guys
PostPosted: 2012/03/30 4:24 am    Post subject:

PostPosted: 2012/03/29 10:52 pm    Post subject:

gratz fellas!
PostPosted: 2012/02/16 9:57 pm    Post subject: Promotions - March 2012

Forum Image

With the announcements of 8man Warzone, the preseason and ranked Wz on the way, its time for some PvP promotions.

Welcome the new batch of PvP masters (junior officers). They'll be in charge of organizing PvP groups and helping in recruiting new PvPers as need. Gratz go to Cimos, Humankeg and CrazyShrum (Deb in game).

Master | Cimos
Master | Humankeg
Master | CrazyShrum

[/b]Following members have been promoted to rank or Chosen (Advance Member) and are first wave of our new core of PvPers. More are on the way. Enan, Xcelion, Mindtrick, Muzzey, Dysfxal, Evelina(Mason on comms).

Chosen | Enan
Chosen | Xcelion
Chosen | Mindtrick
Chosen | Muzzey
Chosen | Dysfxal
Chosen | Evelina
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