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PostPosted: 2012/06/27 12:19 pm    Post subject:

Can't reply to your message Lazer so just wanted to let you know, thank you for the response I will be in-game tonight after 7 server time to discuss things with you further. Thanks again.
PostPosted: 2012/06/27 1:54 am    Post subject: Your thoughts on a guild merge.

Hi I'm the GM of the guild <The Solidarity> aka <Phoenix Rising> on Mandalore the Indomitable before we transferred to The Bastion.
We were progressing through EC 16 man hard mode until our attendance fell to an all-time low and we were attempting to start fresh on this new server but we severely lack the numbers to be the guild we once were. There are so many raiding guilds on this server we believe the best thing to do maybe is to find a guild that matches our persona and try to integrate ourselves with them.

After looking at a few guilds, we believe this guild is what we are looking for. We have about 10 active raiders. Originally our guild came from Rift and then we came to SWTOR. We have been together and raiding together for over a year. We all have immense raiding experience. The problem is that we slowly and slowly were losing attendance and raiders. With the server transfer our guild was basically ripped in half with a big chunk of players who only wanted to focus on PVP. The people who remain with me want to raid in SWTOR and we want to progress.

I understand also that maybe you guys cannot accommodate 10 additional people but I figured I throw the idea out to you guys to see if you were interested. Furthermore I'm not interested in retaining any kind of ranking position in your guild and/or any of my senior guild members. I just want my guild to find a new home where we can finally progress in SWTOR like we always wanted to.

If you guys would want to discuss it further you can mail me in-game at Valibane or send me a message on my website or yours. Thanks!
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