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re: Rules, Regulations, & Overview -- Read Before You Apply

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The rules and regulations described below are here to guide us by maintaining our focus and structure. When you decide to join Diabolic, you choose to abide by them. Breaking any tenet will be grounds for removal. At times we will come across situations where we have no clear rule set. A decision will be made and written here to follow in the future. Rules may be amended to better suit our needs as our environment changes.

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What's expected - Diabolic is looking for team players who know how to play the game, show up on time for scheduled events and are ready to knuckle down when its needed. We want members who are self-motivated, cool, respectful, and have a sense of humor. Ditching a raid or warzone at the first sign of trouble is not cool. If you want to be carried through content, do not apply. Diabolic is rated M for mature. A mature sense of humor and a thick skin is a must. If you cannot take a joke or find that your sense of humor is rather limited, you may not be a good fit here.

Activity - Members that are found to be inactive for over 30 days with no contact and no prior notice are subject to removal from the guild. Officers keeping track of members may or may not be psychic, but they can only assume MIA members are no longer interested. Members that do intend to come back are asked to let an officer know ahead of time. There is a thread in the member's section of the forums created just for that. If for whatever reason a member is removed from the guild due to inactivity, they are more than welcome to come back and reapply.

Trial members - New members will have a standard two week trial period overseen by an officer. During this period, the trial member will demonstrate their effectiveness as a team member. They are required to add their character(s) to the roster, and ensure their forum name is similar to their TeamSpeak 3 name, aka what we call you (instructions can be found in the members section of the forums). If at the end of the trial period, the trial member is not a good fit for the guild, he or she will be notified and removed. Trial members completing the two week period successfully will be approved into the guild as a full member. Trial members can be given an extended trial period if its deemed necessary by an overseeing officer.

**Until they pass their trial, all Minions will receive secondary consideration for loot behind Chosen and Adept ranked members.**

A Trial Member's acceptance into the guild will be based on:
  • Attendance
  • Performance
  • Attitude (hint: a positive one)

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What's expected- There will be no do-nothing paper officers. All officers are expected to pull their weight above and beyond the average member. All officers will hold a position of leadership with added responsibilities and duties. At the same time officers are not your lords and masters, so shut up and do as we say! Not really. This is not a guild just for the guild officers. It’s a guild for all guild members.

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What's required - Raiding in Diabolic means being part of a team. This means members show up on TeamSpeak 30 minutes before the scheduled event (usually starting at 8pm PST) ready to kill bosses and smash heads, armed with the following:

  • All required items (stims, adrenals, medpacs, fully repaired equipment, enough credits for repairs and 4 hours to get shit done).
  • Teampseak 3 installed and ready to go with a headset and mic.
  • Whatever Raid/UI mods required to improve our performance.
  • A positive attitude.

Effort Points / Gear Points
– Diabolic uses a modified DKP system that is set up to quickly determine a priority list for who will get the shiny loots. Using a simple point system, we have transparency and fairness. The more time and effort you put into the raid team, the more you will get out of the raid. Without a clumsy loot council system that can take a long time on each decision and be subject to biases, we hope to avoid any drama associated with loot. There is a post in the members section detailing the loot system.

Loot Whores - Loot is a tool for progression. Progression is NOT a tool for your loot. Whiny loot whores will not be tolerated. If you have legitimate concerns, by all means contact an officer after the raid.

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Don't be a douchebag/troll. If you are wearing the Diabolic tag, then you are representing the guild. Trade chat retard speak is not cool. While the internet provides anonymity for one to act like a moron without any real life consequences, do not act like one while wearing the Diabolic tag or you will be removed. No compromise.

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It is inevitable that these two ugly words are going creep up. It's a fact, and it's all a part of human nature. If you have any issues with other members, rules & regulations, or anything else, send a whisper/pm/email to any officer and they will try to mediate the problem to the best of their abilities. Please, avoid bringing whatever your issues are into a raid, or in open guild chat. We are all adults and issues in game can wait for a better time to address them.

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The following are the guild rank titles, a short description and example positions each rank could hold within the guild.

  • Guildmaster - The bottom line, his word is final.
  • Dark Lord - Officer (Recruiter, Forum Moderator, Raid Leader, etc.)
  • Shadow Hand - Officer Alt and Legacy Officer
  • Chosen - Advanced Member (Full-time Raider or PvPer, Mentor newer members, Assist officers)
  • Adept - Member (Part-time Raider or PvPer)
  • Minion - Trial Member (Newbie for 2weeks)
  • Acolyte - All Other Alts

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  • For our main dedicated raid groups, we are actively recruiting – check the main page for details.
  • Exceptional apps are always encouraged regardless of class.
  • In your application when asked if you have read our rules and will abide by them, put the statement: "Who needs rules when I have Alacrity Adrenals!"
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