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re: Diabolic Rules!

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The laws described within are here to guide us. All of us are bound to them and none of them to be broken. When we break these rules we lose our focus and our structure. When one decides to join Diabolic they have chosen to abide by its rules. Those who break them will be punished by removal. At times we may come across situations where we have no rules set for them. A decision will be made and written here for all to follow. Rules may be amended to better suit our needs as our environment is ever changing.

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What is expected from member - Diabolic is looking for team players who know how to play the game. Show up on time and ready to raid. We want members who are self motivated, cool, respectful, and have a sense of humor. Ditching a raid at the first sign of trouble is not cool. If you want to be carried through trivial content, do not apply. Diabolic is rated M for mature. A mature sense of humor and a thick skin is a must. If you cannot take a joke or find that your sense of humor is very dry or rather limited to highbrow humor, you may not be a good fit here.

Trial members - New members will have a two week trial period. During this two week period that member will have to demonstrate their effectiveness as a team member. If at the end of the trial that member is found to be unfit, he or she will be promptly removed. (this will apply to members wishing to join after SWTOR server launch)… Trial members who have put in their two week period sucessfuly will be voted on by ALL officers to become a full fledged raiding member.

A Trial Member's acceptance into the guild will be based on:
  • Attendance
  • Performance
  • Attitude (hint: a positive one)

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What is expected from officers - There will be no do nothing paper officers. All officers are expected to pull their wieght above and beyond the average member. All officers will hold a position of leadership with added responisbilites and duties. At the same time officers are not your lords and masters, so shut up and do as we say! Not really. This is not a guild for the guild officers. Its a guild for all guild members.

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What is required - All members of Diabolic are part of a team. This means members will show up on time and ready to kill bosses.

  • Enchants, gems, food, flasks, and repaired.
  • Teampseak 3 w/ headset and mic.
  • Whatever raid mods the guild requires to improve our performance.
  • A positive attitude.
How loot will be handled - Diabolic uses a loot council to divy up all loot drops.
From the latest indications, this may not be necessary in SWTOR because each member of the raid may get their own loot bag (or container) after the boss kill! This would be great, but if loot is dropped in the traditional mmo fashion, a loot council will be form that is responsilbe for distributing loot among the raid members.
The loot council is composed of officers and 3 non-officers of the raid group. All raid officers roll, top 2 join the council. All non-officers roll, top 3 join the council. Council decides who gets what loot based on performance, attitude, attendance and whats best for overall raid progression. Don't be a dick to guild members, and you won't have problems getting loot. We make it fair, and everyone gets their share!

Loot Whores - Loot is a tool for progression. Progression is NOT a tool for your loot. Whiny loot whores will not be tolerated. If you have legitimate concerns, by all means contact an officer after the raid.

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Don't be a douche bag - If your wearing the Diabolic tag then you represent the guild. Trade chat retard speak is not cool. While the internet provides anonymity for one to act like a moron without any real life consequences, do not act like one while wearing the Diabolic tag, you will be removed. No compromise.

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Its big ugly head - It's inevitable that these two ugly words are gonna creep up. It's a fact folks and it's all a part of human nature. If you have any issues with other members, rules & regulations, or anything else… Send a whisper/pm/email to any officer and they will try to mediate the problem to the best of their abilities.
Please, avoid bringing whatever your issues are into a raid, or in open guild chat. We are all adults and issues in game can wait for a better time to address them.

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The following are the guild rank titles, a short description and example positions each rank could hold within the guild.

  • Dark Lord - Commanding Officer (Guild Master, Website Owner, Voice Comms Server Owner)
  • Lord - Officer (Raid Leader, PvP Leader, Bank Manager, Web Master, Web Admin, Crafting Leader)
  • Master - Junior Officer (Class/Role Leader, Recruiter, Forum Moderator)
  • Shadow Hand - Officer Alt
  • Chosen - Veteran Member (Mentor newer members, Assist officers)
  • Adept - Member (Raider, PvPer, Crafter)
  • Minion - Trial Member (Newbie)
  • Acolyte - Alts

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