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re: We Are Diabolic!

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Diabolic is an established and stable guild composed of seasoned gaming vets with an officer core going back over 10 years of online gaming. We have been very successful in our achievements in each game we have played (MechWarrior 4, SW:Galaxies, and WoW), and we will plan to continue our success in Star Wars: The Old Republic as a progression oriented guild and by dominating our server via world PvP. We will play in a US West PvP server, and our guild is a member of the Server Health Alliance (a collection of like minded Empire and Republic guilds coming together to create a stable, competitive and healthy server).

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We are very focused on PvE progression. We will be working from the start towards end game content and will be striving as a guild to help one another level up, and gear up through crafting, flashpoints, and whatever rep/badge gear is available to us. We don’t want to feel pressured to “rush” through the content and race to level cap (thereby missing out on story and fun) but we will be pushing to hit level 50 and begin preparing to engage end game content. We believe we are a team and a family. If you need some metals that I have in order to make a raid ready weapon, I will supply you with it. If I don’t have it, someone in the guild will!

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We will run an organized weekly raid schedule 4 to 5 days a week usually starting at 7-8pm PST. In other game platforms we have played, we run our main raid schedule Monday through Thursday, and we also ran weekend raids for those who also want to raid on their alts and mains who did not get in on the weekday raids. We try to make sure that everyone gets in who wants to get in. We understand that not every member wants to raid 4 or 5 nights a week and that is ok. Some members just want to take it easy and contribute to the guild by running flashpoints and crafting, and that is fine by us. We kill shit, and we all get loot. We use a loot council to divvy up the loot in a fair and efficient manner. We don’t argue or cry about Joe getting my sword, or Mary getting my boots. It’s just not conducive to a good team environment and we don’t put up with it. We work together as a smooth running team, and we feel that a collective positive attitude helps us to be more successful… ie: no loot whores and no whiners!

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We really enjoy world and team-based PvP and feel that it adds an extra excitement to the game that is otherwise missing on purely PvE servers. During our time playing SW: Galaxies, we played on a PvP server, and the world PvP there was just awesome! We hope to enjoy that experience again with SWTOR! While endgame raids is a large focus for the guild, many of us want to PvP, stomp on republic scum, dominate our server World PvP scene and have fun doing it. For those who lean more towards PvP, we will have groups set up within the guild for that. Due to raids in SWTOR only going as high as 16 players at launch, not everyone in guild will be in the same raid group. However, World PvP events is something the entire guild can partcipate as one group, and we plan to dominate in world PvP (such as Ilum's objective based PvP) as a guild on a regular basis.

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  • We are “mostly” 18yr old + as a guild. Every once in a while we will accept a younger member if he is a relative or friend of a current member, but for the most part we try to keep it as an adult guild.
  • We can get raunchy on comms and guild chat…hence one of the reasons for 18+. I don’t want someone’s mom yelling at me because their kid heard a joke on comms about midget bukkake, or lemon party or whatever. This also means that if you are offended by such things, this is not the home for you.
  • We like to screw around and have fun goofing on each other, but when it’s raid time we know how to knuckle down and take care of business.
  • We have a Teamspeak 3 server, a guild website with private and public forums already in place and ready to rock for TOR!
  • We don't roleplay as a guild, but if you want to roleplay we won't object. However we reserve the right to call you a homo. We reserve the right to call you a homo regardless. We will use this right often.
  • We are ready to kick some Rebel ass! Are you ready to join us???
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  • We are currently recruiting ALL classes and ALL specs!
  • You must fill out an application to join on both our sites: one here our main site and the other on our SWTOR guild site.
  • We are also available to meet with you on Teamspeak 3 for personal interviews.

Before applying to the guild, continue reading our Rules and Regulations first.

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